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Kivler Communications is dedicated to educating, inspiring, and training workers for new and unique skill sets needed in the workplace of the 21st century. The twenty five hundred training programs, workshops, and seminars that Kivler Communications has provided over the years focus on very contemporary issues often not found in formal classrooms or textbooks. These customized learning forums include topics such as, Grammar for Grownups, Managing Multiple Priorities, Writing for Results, Handling Difficult People, Superior Customer Service, Balancing Home & Career, Successful Supervision, Communicating Effectively with Others, and Managing Conflict.

Kivler Communications has provided seminars and trainings to corporations, government agencies, colleges and universities, non-profits and everyone in between, and specializes in imparting the “gift of knowledge.” To begin, a needs assessment is completed to determine if training is the intervention needed. If it is, interviews with several managers and employees are conducted to help in the customized program development. 

Kivler Communications - Getting Extraordinary Results with...

  • Unique interactive, energizing, and engaging style

  • An innate ability to create a comfort level quickly with groups and individuals

  • Exceptional skills to help people think about themselves and look at others in a new way

  • A safe, supportive environment where people discuss the "undiscussable"

  • The knowledge people need to make work easier, less stressful, and more fun

  • Answers to issues that interrupt work relationships, work flow, and personal productivity

  • Needs assessments including surveys and focus groups to determine the real problem to address

  • Pre- and post-assessment reports to ensure effective presentations

  • Information that can immediately make a difference in participants' productivity and success on the job

  • 360 Feedback to help management and executives find their blind spots

Top 10 Requested Topics

  • WOW Them - Customer Service at Its Best

  • Communication Skills 101

  • Writing for Results

  • Presentations Plus+

  • Embracing Professional and Personal Change

  • Successful Supervision

  • The Magic of Working Together

  • Leading Without a Title

  • Managing Multiple Priorities

  • Grammar for Grownups

Choose From Our Extensive List of Topics for All Areas of Your Organization

Self-Development Training

Today, learning is a life-long process with the "road to success" always under construction. With this premise in mind, why not invest in your most valuable resource - you! Bring in one of our many self-development topics to your organization's employees and watch them grow with confidence.

  • Understanding Yourself
  • Your Professional Presence
  • Embracing Change
  • Presentation Plus
  • Attune Your Listening Skills
  • Dealing Effectively with Others
  • Powerful Communication Skills
  • Managing Conflict/Control Anger
  • How to Handle Difficult People
  • Gender Talk in the Workplace
  • Learn to Learn
  • Balancing Home & Career
  • Developing Assertiveness
  • Developing Self-Esteem 
  • From Stress to Success
Managerial Training

Most organizations look within to promote their best employees to management positions. What they neglect to do is "retool" their best employees to become their best managers. Set up your new managers to succeed by choosing one or a series of the following sessions.

  • Successful Supervision
  • Coaching for Commitment
  • Mentoring
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Team Building
  • Train the Trainer
  • Make the Most of Your Meetings
  • Effective Performance Appraisals
  • Leadership Skills
  • Strategies for Teaching Adults


Support Staff Training

One of the most valuable levels in any organization is its support staff. Why not enhance their skill sets while showing them how much you appreciate their efforts by having Kivler Communications deliver one of its many sought after support staff requests.

  • Working Together
  • Prioritizing for Effectiveness
  • Achieving Customer Satisfaction
  • Working for Multiple Bosses
  • Managing Your Career
  • Preventing Burnout
  • Grammar for Grownups
  • Writing for Results
  • The Secretary who Makes a Difference
  • Telephoning with Confidence
  • Proofreading & Editing
  • Your Attitude is Showing
  • E-mail Essentials




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