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Learning Is a Lifelong Process

With the pace of change surging around us, the premise that learning is a lifelong process, with the road to success always under construction, becomes doubly important. Learning can take place in many different places, forums, ways, and styles. 

The need for adults to rapidly learn and adapt to changing skills, workplace environments, people, attitudes and stress is critical to growth and success. Today’s learners must quickly “connect and relate” to what they are learning and be able to apply these new skills and tools directly to their lives.

Furthermore, the new generation of workers wants a constant challenge as well as opportunities to continually update their skill sets. This generation recognizes the importance their updated skill sets are to their personal marketability. To retain these workers, businesses today are recruiting with “knowledge development allowances” as part of their hiring packages.

Both Carol Kivler and Lynette Landing are dedicated to educating, inspiring, and training workers for new and unique skill sets needed in the workplace of the 21st century. The twenty five hundred training programs, workshops, and seminars that Kivler Communications has provided since 1974 focus on very contemporary issues often not found in formal classrooms or textbooks. These customized learning forums include topics such as, Grammar for Grownups, Managing Multiple Priorities, Writing for Results, Handling Difficult People, Superior Customer Service, Balancing Home & Career, Successful Supervision, Communicating Effectively with Others, and Managing Conflict. Seminars and trainings have been provided to corporations, government agencies, colleges and universities, non-profits and everyone in between.

Once a business contacts Kivler Communications, a needs assessment is completed to determine if training is the intervention needed. If it is, interviews with several managers and employees are conducted to help in the customized program development. 

Kivler Communications is known in the training field for “training with a personal touch.” That personal touch comes to life with the exercises and case studies designed specifically for any given business need as well as from “Kivlerisms” used within the training design. 

When either you or your organization finds yourself needing a “learning boost” to either jumpstart new skill sets or polish previously learned skill sets, Kivler Communications should be your first call.



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