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Carol Kivler

President Carol Kivler delivers programs known for their intriguing learning environment, appealing materials and interactive exercises.

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Denise Roistacher

Denise Roistacher, leadership development facilitator, coach and organizational consultant, has over 20 years of global experience working to accelerate business performance and professional development.

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Lynette Landing

Lynette Landing's extensive experience allows her to guide companies to higher productivity, healthier working relationships and heftier profits.

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"The concepts that you have introduced in our organization have 'stuck' surprisingly well. In some cases your name has become synonymous with many of the positive concepts and messages that you have brought us."

  - Ivanka Olesnycky,
     Mikros Retail System

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"Carol's teaching methods are excellent. She holds the participating managers interest from start to finish. Their feedback has been positive with each participant taking something away from the training."

- Anne Poltorak

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"Your recent session of 'The Art and Skill of Public Speaking & Group Presentations' was one of the most useful and informative sessions I've seen in my almost 20 years of training and organizational development experience."

  - Talethea M. Best
     Aon Affinity Insurance Services

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